Hardball in Houston

We had Chris Matthews from Hardball on MSNBC for an interview this morning (here’s the video). We talked about the latest Iowa Poll in Decision 2008. On the Dems side — Hillary gains, Edwards loses ground, & Obama has to play catch-up. For the GOP — Romney’s still on top, but Fred Thompson’s making a move. Thompson is also making an appearance (finally) in a televised debate (here’s a video preview). It’s for the Republicans, focused on Economics, and airing on MSNBC & CNBC Tuesday, October 9, 2007.

We also wanted to talk to Matthews about his new book “Life’s a Campaign: What Politics Has Taught Me About Friendship, Rivalry, Reputation, and Success,” but we ran out of time.

Now, our interview with Matthews was apparently a lot less contentious than his conversation with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Columinst Greg Mitchell from Editor & Publisher wrote this editorial about the interview. But the video link from You Tube was taken down because of a copyright claim by Viacom (Comedy Central’s parent company). Matthews also appeared on National Public Radio in a more subdued conversation. You can listen to the audio and read an excerpt from the book here.

And for kicks, here’s Darrell Hammond playing Matthews on SNL!

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