First Daughter Jenna Bush!

We did a live satellite interview this morning with First Daughter Jenna Bush. She talked about her new book, “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope.” It’s about the journey of an abused, impoverished girl who is born H.I.V. positive. Click here to watch the interview. And here are a couple different ‘takes’ on ‘Ana’s Story’ and the book’s unveiling:

And this one from The Washington Times where Donna Shor writes:

“Jenna Bush started her book, ‘Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope,’ when she and a long-time school friend, photographer Mia Baxter, interned in Central America for UNICEF. At an AIDS workshop they met a young girl, HIV-positive since birth, whose parents and newborn sister had all died of AIDS…”

This one from New Yorker magazine where Ben McGrath writes:

“The book has a spare, verging-on-hardboiled prose style (“ ‘How did your parents die?’ Ana asked. ‘They were sick,” Berto said. ‘Mine, too.’ ”), and suggests that Jenna may yet have a future following Margaret Truman and Susan Ford into the mystery-novel genre. She has a weakness for dubious ethnic analogies: “His eyes were wild, like those of the pumas that lived in the jungles,” and “A nurse wrapped Beatriz in a blanket—like a burrito.” Still, as Nils Kastberg, UNICEF’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Jenna’s old boss, said, “It’s a million times better than the many memorandums that we write.”

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