Friday Night Football

Never underestimate the power of adrenaline and heart. This time of year there are fields all over Texas where you don’t have to run like Earl Campbell or throw like Troy Aikman to have a moment of greatness. No one is paid Tom Brady’s salary or bombarded with autograph requests when the final buzzer sounds. It’s just a community bonded together by one common thread; they want to win. It’s not just the team; coaches, teachers, the band, cheerleaders, parents are all on board. For one night, everyone has one goal.

Bobcat Stadium – Childress, TX

The epicenter of a small town in Texas is the football field. For me, the smell of freshly cut grass always takes me back to a little football field in Childress, Texas. Everytime I go home I make my pilgrimage to the that old stadium. It was built during The Depression by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) in the 1930s. The stands, the field, the fence, the fifty yard line all hold memories. My most memorable, exciting moments of childhood occurred on that grassy terrain. It’s where I served as a cheerleader for six years, ran track, watched my first crush play quarterback, and later graduated from high school. That old field is the location of my childhood and my family’s childhood.

My CHS Pics

(no laughing please!)

The scenes of Texas high school football play out on KPRC Local 2 weekly. Stone Phillips calls this story one of his all time favorite hours on Dateline. Watch it and you’ll see why.

The Pride of Pampa” and “Winning with Class

Friday nights on KPRC Local 2, more football drama!

Friday Night Lights

In our actual newscasts, every Friday during high school football season throughout the day, we bring viewers action on and off the field. Friday Football Frenzy begins on our show at 5 a.m. and ends with a wrap show at 10:15 p.m.

Friday Football Frenzy” w/ Randy McIlvoy, Keith Norton, & Winston Dutchin

So after the “football knee” has set in and the homecoming ribbons have faded, what’s left? Lessons!

In life, we learn that not every drive results in a touchdown. Lesson: We all fall short in life, but we get up and move forward. As a resuilt, in that next battle, we’re better equiped. The way I perceive it, in life you have two choices: learn to be a team player or learn to be a team player.
Lesson: Your future success in life is directly proportionate to how well you are able to work with other people. From the players to the band to the drill team, such as football, life is a team sport. Lesson: The loosers aren’t always the team with the lowest score at the end. Very few of us use the physical skills that we learned during those games today. Hopefully then, the practice of winning and losing gracefully has become part of the fiber of our lives now.

While reflecting on our high school football days like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite isn’t encouraged, just remember Texas high school football is legendary for a reason. Those high school football fields are full of highs and lows, dreams and disappointments, and, above all, memories that mold young lives.

(Video: “…see them mountains.”)

(video: Uncle Rico vs. Grapefruit)

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