How do you take your coffee?

(Updated Tuesday 10/16/07)

We asked: Cream? Sugar? Half-caff-non-fat-light-foam-half-shot-of-caramel? …or are you a “No-foam-no-fat-no-fun” kind of person?

You answered:

“I am a coffee-holic!!! I like my coffee sweet and with a pinch of 2% milk; light….just like me!!”

“Black, strong and hot! However, on the weekends and after a dinner out, I enjoy a flavored coffee—preferably chocolate!”
-Mary Linda

“I am a recent California Refugee. In California they take ordering coffee very serious. In fact, in California, they take everything serious — so serious that they forget to have a life, which is why I am in Texas: to get a life! So, I walked away from my doube-shot-180-degree-half-caff-no-foam-carm-a-mocha-latte and moved to a home brewed with half and half (I know, black would be simpler, but I can’t go cold turkey).”

“I drink my coffee every morning; sometimes late in the evening as well. I like it with ALOT of cream. NOT milk – creamer!!! Sometimes I’ll have flavored such as french vanilla or hazelnut & sometimes regular. If I don’t make it myself, I pick up McDonald’s coffee (the best) – medium w/7 creamers.”
-L. Ramos

“My parents buy the Folgers kind of coffee or whatever its called and I usually add about 2-3 spoon fulls of cream and then like 3 spoon fulls of sugar. OR sometimes I just keep adding sugar till it tastes good. Its a little on the sweet side but hey that’s the way I like it! =]”

“I don’t like flavored coffees (French Vanilla, hazelnut, etc.) but I do mail order my coffee from Gevalia (Coast Rican Peaberry is my favorite). I buy the whole beans and grind them when I make a pot of coffee. I like a little Sweet & Lo and Fat free Coffeemate in a big cup. I drink 10 cups a day – one big mug before I go to work and the rest in my 32 oz insulated cup at school. I try to NEVER drink coffee from public places. It usually smells so bad, I couldn’t even think of drinking it. (Folgers is the worst!) We don’t have a Starbucks here (in Lake Jackson) so maybe I would change my mind if I tried it. Denny’s and IHop have drinkable coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts was good but we don’t have one of those either. I want to taste the coffee, not all the other stuff. Besides – who needs the calories!”

“Grande, Non-fat, no whip, white chocolate mocha.”


I get up in the mornings, well my yorkies get me up around 4:30 to 5 am every morning,
drink my coffee black, long ago used to put sugar & milk in it, but don’t anymore, and drink coffee till about 9am, drink a pot by myself, thne my husband gets up and make him a pot & half, then drink water for awhile, then couple glass’s of sweeten tea/ with splenda instead of sugar.

-JoAnn (Onalaska,TX)

“At home: strong brewed coffee with Carnation Sugar Free Hazelnut creamer. At Starbucks: Fat Free toffee nut latte with foam, no whip.”

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