Pastor Joel Osteen’s New Book

Update: Coming up, I’m getting the chance to chat with Pastor Joel Osteen once again. Email me your questions for the man known as “the smiling preacher.” Maybe you’ve just read his book and have questions or want to know what he’ll tackle next! I’ll get answers for you during my interview.

His first book, “Your Best Life Now,” was on the New York Times best sellers list for 2 years, breaking records by selling millions. His latest book just came out, but it’s already breaking records, as well. I talked to Pastor Joel Osteen about his new book, “Become a Better You.” During his service that morning, he referenced Simon & Schuster preprinting 2.5 million copies of his new book which comes out October 15th. That’s more than they’ve ever preprinted before in history! He admits he’s pleasantly surprised by those numbers.

2.5 million may sound like a huge number, but keep in mind, according to Outreach Magazine and Church Growth Today, he pastors the largest congregation in the United States. At 47,000 members in Houston, his weekly Sunday service is broadcast in over 100 nations. According to his website, his sermons reach 20 million people each weekend.

As proof to some people, Pastor Joel has acheived “rock star” status, I have a funny story. A good friend of mine attends Lakewood “religiously”, and his son is quite a little character. His 4 year old son was recently chatting with his older brother and his friends. The older kids were talking about their favorite sports stars, throwing out names like David Carr, Tracy McGrady, etc. When the older boys asked the 4 year old his favorite sports star…he calmly responded, “Joel Osteen.” Yes, his dad told Joel Osteen about his new status as a professional athlete, and he loved the story!

You can watch my interview with Joel Osteen. We talked about his new book, as well as faith in America, and what’s next with his ministry . Stay tuned, we have a surprise story coming up the following week. We’ve been granted amazing access to…well, just keep watching our morning show! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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