It’s like 2004… sort of.

For the eternally optimistic Red Sox fan, it’s beginning to look a lot like the year the team finally reversed the curse. 2004 proved to be one of the most dramatic post-seasons in baseball history. The Red Sox pushed through the Wild Card to the ALCS, only to find themselves down 3-0 to their arch-rival New York Yankees. Red Sox nation was wounded, but, again, eternally optimistic. Then the fairy tale unfolded, the Yankees unraveled, and the Red Sox made that incredible run. For the first time in ALCS history a team came back from three games down, winning four-in-a-row, to clinch a World Series birth. And like Sox fans had asked before, “Could this be the year we reverse the curse?” Yes! Even with the St. Louis Cardinals waiting — with their big bats, punishing pitchers, and 100-plus regular season wins — the 2004 World Series was destined to be Boston’s.

And this year, fans wonder is this Deja vu all over again? The Red Sox won an incredible 3-in-a-row to clean-up the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS. And the mighty Rockies of Colorado are waiting for them, coming off a 21-game winning streak and plenty of rest. Let’s face it, the Rockies have been the popular choice to win the fall classic, even before the Red Sox spanked the Indians. Oh, and did I mention, the Red Sox got beat-up by the Rockies this year in interleague play?

But you can throw logic out the window when the first pitch is thrown Wednesday night in Boston. Sometimes, you just have a feeling… like 2007 feels a lot like 2004.

(Watch MLB video from the Red Sox clubhouse here.)

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