More Cowbell!

Here’s how the cowbell phenomenon started this morning: Click here to watch. And for those unfamiliar with the original SNL skit…

“Chris Walken guest stars on SNL in this famous skit w/ Will Ferrell”

And there’s this email from Angelica in Houston that we just had to post:

“Dear Lauren and Owen (and Anthony),

My husband came into the living room and found me with coffee spraying from my nose and me, dying laughing. He said, ‘what are your little friends up to now?’ I was so hysterical I could not properly do my ‘Christopher Walken’ and explain. So, he went off to work wondering if I am cracking under the strain. Yes, I’m cracking up at youz guys. More cow bell indeed! Keep up the good work, you start my days with a little hilarity.”

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