2007 World Series: Red Sox Are World Champs… Again!

(World Series MVP, Boston 3rd Basemen Mike Lowell/Courtesy: Boston.com)
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I’m not gonna say I told you so, because I never predicted a sweep. But it felt like 2004 from the beginning of the end of the ALCS; not emotionally, but physically/statistically speaking with that dramatic comeback against the Indians and riding that momentum to score an average of 7 1/4 runs-per-game in the sweep of the Rockies. This is definitely a new era of Red Sox baseball. But what defines it? Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan gives his unique take on this curse-reversed-21st-century Red Sox team. As Ryan sees it, nothing compares to 2004 (there’s no time like the first time) but it’s okay to enjoy the ride these days without discrediting what that ’04 season meant to Red Sox nation. 86 years without a World Championship, then 2 sweeps in 4 years; It’s a bit overwhelming. And there’s the constant pressure to win again and again. The fans create that pressure and feel it too. Let’s face it, Red Sox fans are emotionally involved in their team. Heck, M.I.T. even studied them! But did we really need a study to tell us what bartenders all over Boston already know? We’ll be waiting ’til next year, even though we don’t have to anymore.

By the way, if you haven’t heard… Spring, TX-native and Red Sox ace Josh Beckett will be featured on the commemorative Wheaties Box for the 2007 MLB World Series. You’ll see the cereal in grocery stores in the next 2-3 weeks. The box features ALCS MVP Beckett on the front and and image of Beckett and Fenway Park on the back!

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