Update: Marathon Kids! Wk. 2 – 8.5 Miles

Added another 5mi. in Wk. 2. Now, I break out the rollerblades. I guess I’ll count those miles 2:1, fair enough? Happy running, walking, skating, hopping, skipping!

From Week 1:
Under beautifully clear skies, I walk/ran, until I could barely limp, around the Rice campus with Anthony Yanez last week completing a measly total of 3.5 miles for week 1. And now I’m home sick, so I’ll have to wait ’til Thursday to get back on the horse. Oh, and if I rollerblade instead of run, I have to count those miles as halves or quarters, no? All that coasting doesn’t count!

If you’re wondering why I’m blogging about my boring weekly exercise it’s because of this previous post.
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