So you don’t think we’re funny, huh?

This is Lauren’s friend Mike who hates our blog (and he’s single, ladies, so holla!) He says he logged on once and has never been back. We’ve posted this picture to prove Mr. Anti-Blog wrong. We figure, as soon as he reads this, he’ll send a note demanding we delete the picture and retract the story. But that’s what he gets for being Texas’ leading blog detractor!

(C’mon Mike. Don’t get mad… we’re just kidding.)


3 Responses

  1. Mike doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You two make a great team and I enjoy reading this blog.

    Shame on you Mike!Btw, my friend thinks you’re cute.

  2. Thats cute!! But what game r yall at?? Its not at the Berry Center is it??

  3. Here’s the deal – while I once thought the blog was LAME, I no longer feel that way. This feeling arose after one viewing when the blog was just a baby, just starting, and not ready for public consumption. Now that it’s in full swing, I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m contemplating setting it as my home page. As for Owen and Lauren. When I’m not watching them LIVE, I’m watching shows I’ve Tivo’d. As Tina Turner would say – they’re “simply the best.”

    Lauren’s Friend,


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