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It’s not as glamorous as it looks…
December 19, 2007

What do tossing bales of hay around in sub-freezing temperatures, two cousins and an a pocket knife have in common?…it’s what makes up Christmas in Childress. I went home last week and the following is a detailed account of one simple morning.

My cousin/best friend Jessica and I think sleeping in during the holidays is for…boys. My 18 year old big, strong cousin Andrew decided to leave the work at the farm up to the ladies. I am obviously a news anchor, my cousin Jess a sorority girl at Baylor and her brother is a freshman at Baylor. Andrew proudly brought home a 4.0 GPA his first semester and used that as one excuse to stay in bed on this cold morning and let his sister and I do all the heavy lifting. If I had known a 4.0 gets you out of so many things I would have studied alot more when I was at Baylor.

My grandfather still has about 2 dozen head of cattle at home in Childress. He recently had open heart surgery so he can’t lift hay bales and take food to his animals now. That’s where Jess and I come in…

Why on earth would we take pictures of ths mondane small town/rural ritual? Three words…WORK IN STYLE. My cousin Jess was wearing a designer (Pucci) scarf as a do-rag while feeding the cattle. My family quickly pointed out, I had no room to talk. I was sporting a Burberry scarf…it was a gift, I don’t even know if it’s real? Either way, it was enough that my aunt thought it was too funny not to document through these pictures. When I asked Jess why she was sporting such fashionable attire in front of a bunch of cows…her response with a giggle, “WORK IN STYLE!” She and I share a common love for fashion, laughing at each other and cooking southern, fattening foods!

If you’re wondering why my grandfather, Bobby is holding a pocket knife (below), it’s what we used to cut apart the hay bales and open the feed sacks.

Because my 4.0 cousin Andrew shirked his duties and my fiance wasn’t in town yet for this country outing, we decided we would find them something worse to do. The weather was supposed to get really cold and snowy the next day. Several of my grandfather’s cows were very pregnant. My grandmother said if it snowed they would go into labor. So….we decided helping out the cows with labor would be the perfect duty for the guys the next day. My fiance Forrest is a surgeon and my 4.0 cousin is studying to be a doctor. I told Forrest what we had planned for him. His response: “I’ll reach right in there and pull that calf out by it’s antlers!” Yep, he’s a city boy. Well…the weather didn’t cooperate with our sinister plans, no snow and no babies. Maybe next year.

Stay tuned for more fun family vacation pictures and stories. We’re all going skiing soon!

Merry Christmas and YeeHaw!

Oh What a Night!
December 1, 2007

If you didn’t know, holiday decorating is a multi-billion dollar industry! And some of us are wasting no time spending money this year. Of course, it’s not about the money but the holiday spirit, right? Anyway, since your favorite morning news crew gets up super early every morning, why shouldn’t we be some of the first to put up holiday decorations!

We’ve created a holiday slideshow!! Just send us your pictures — trees, lights, decorations — and we’ll post them here. Anthony can use them during his weather reports too. All we ask is that you submit your name, hometown, and a line or two about the picture.