Iran Ran, But Left US Restless

This story certainly caught my attention on The Drudge Report on Wednesday and I wanted to share it with you. With all the election coverage in New Hampshire, you might miss it.

It seems Iran has stirred the soup in the Persian Gulf. Iranian boats have reportedly confronted some of our Navy Ships. Here’s the video:

What does confronting mean exactly? Well, President Bush thinks they were trying to provoke us. The Associated Press article describes a group of small, quick Iranian boats speeding toward a trio of U.S warships. At one point, a sailor heard a threatening call on the radio — something about an explosion. Scary stuff. And here’s the line that grabbed my attention: “The Iranian fleet ‘maneuvered aggressively’ and then fled as the American ship commanders were preparing to open fire, Vice Adm. Kevin Cosgriff said.” As they should. Remember the U.S.S. Cole? I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision of whether to open fire. Too much pressure. So much at risk. And frightening still.

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