Words to hook-up by

With Valentine’s Day next week, The Times Online of Britain asked a few correspondents around the world to find out what “pick-up lines” or “moves” are working these days (and what’s not). The article is entitled “The Best Chat-Up Lines in The World.”

America: The British reporter was stunned when his American counterpart took a creative roundabout way to a flight attendant’s heart. He wrote the airline a letter, complimenting the company on its service, namely the sharp attention of his love interest. Well, the filght attendant called him a couple weeks later to ask him out!

Germany: “One chat-up line suggested by the much-visited German site Flirt-mit-mir (Flirt with me) is: ‘Your eyes are the same colour as my Porsche.’ Apparently this works quite well, even better than, ‘Do you want to see my gun collection?'”

Italy: Apparently, Italian women are doing the majority of the picking-up these days. Somewhere between economic hardship and the modern understanding of sexual harrassment, Italian men may have lost a little confidence and gained a little manners.

France: The French are known for their romance. But there’s been a cultural shift there. In the old days, says a French lawyer in his late-fifties, “a smile and a flash of wit used to go a long way, even between strangers in the street.” Nowadays, the French are too busy and skeptical for a love-at-first-sight moment between strangers.

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