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It’s seems obvious: A child with unsupervised internet access is like a child home alone. Virtually speaking, they can see, do, and say just about anything. Sure, there are internet filters to help protect them. But let’s face it — often times kids are more tech savvy than parents. C’mon, if high school kids can get around school filters to check their myspace in class, they can probably beat the system at home.
So parents, let’s ask you this: What about the old addage, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’? What if every mom and dad got a myspace or facebook account? The kid might not put you in the top friends list, but at least you’re connected. And you regain the power to embarrass your child at anytime by posting comments on their personal pages. Imagine the coolest myspace page in the world with a mandate to “be home before dark!” Or “When you’re 18, you can blog where you want!” Or “You better clean your room or you’re grounded!” Even better, posting a picture of the messy room for all their crushes to see!

Do you have an opinion about this? Is there any power gained by “joining them”? Do you think most parents have the tech-know-how to make it work? We’d love to hear from a parent who “myspaces” or “facebooks” alongside their child. Let us know what you think.

Also, you might try this website called myspaceforparents.com which might answer all the questions you have about social networking sites and how your children are using them.

Good luck, take care, and be careful!


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  1. If and when we get rid of “Water Boarding,” they will think of some other torture. What else do they do to get these people to talk? Wonder how prisoners’ confessions are genuine & how many just said “Yes!” or lied and made up stories to stop the torture.
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  2. If and when we get rid of water boarding they will think of some other torture. What else do they do? It makes me wonder how many confessions and information are real and how many just said yes or made up a story to stop the torture.
    They could administer truth serum. or give them a drug that makes them feel all warm inside and want to talk bla bla blabla bla.

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