Ahhh Memories…

Aren’t you embarrassed to show those pictures? Understandably that’s probably your reaction when you see these relics from days/years gone by. Please hold all comments about the hair and the red jeans! (see below pictures)

My first steer Sampson was the Grand Champion of all 3 calves at the Childress Livestock Show.

This was probably the best steer I ever had. His name was Bo and was an Angus. I got picked to show for the showmanship award in Wichita Falls but was ironically escorted out of the ring because he was feeling a little crazy that day. 
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo always brings back fond memories for me. We came almost every year when I was growing up. I love it so much I’m having my rehearsal dinner at the Rodeo! We wanted something unique and different and decided that would be fun! 


I grew up in Childress, a rural corner of the Texas Panhandle. My dad and I raised all different breeds of cattle and showed them. Although the drive was too far for us to come to Houston, we always showed at Fort Worth. We mainly showed Angus, a couple Herefords, and a couple Brahman crosses. Yes we have many crazy stories, some of which included me getting dragged through a show ring in Fort Worth. Dad always told me to never let go and despite a mouthful of dirt, I never did. I think Dad did let go once while our steer was en route to the vet. We helplessly watched as Big Foot ran through traffic…albeit in Childress, but still traffic. Big Foot was a rather mean Brahman cross. I think he was “crossed” with the devil.
I love animals so I always enjoyed that part of the process. Other parts I hated, I still don’t eat red meat to this day. I never really have, I don’t recall ever having a steak or a burger. I remember my mom forcing bacon down my throat and she probably made me eat her mandatory “3 more bites” of steak at some point. I’ve never cared for the taste and besides if I’m going to increase my cholesterol and/or dress size, it’s going to be with donuts not meat!
So now I have funny pictures, crazy stories, a rancher’s vocabulary and friends I grew up showing with every year.

Childress Gals

This is a non-embarrassing picture of two gals from home I grew up showing with for many years. This is us at my recent engagement party. Susie (middle) is now in medical school here in Houston. Her sister Lori (right) is the mother of 2 and a nurse in Childress. They used to show Shorthorns and I believe they also wore red jeans too!
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