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All pictures by Nhan Photography

Here they are!  So many of you have emailed or stopped me in the grocery store wanting more wedding pictures and details, I apologize for the delay.

My husband, Dr. Forrest Roth and I wed on March 22, 2008 at The Houstonian, the reception followed at our home.  Our colors were GOLD AND SILVER and we had a very small wedding party with only one attendant each.  

I was never a little girl who dreamed of a big wedding or a prince charming.  I grew up wanting to be the next Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer.  When it came time to get married I had no direction, my first reaction was NO WEDDING.  A quick trip to the Justice of the Peace sounded fine/easy/appropriate to me.  However, I could tell Forrest wanted a wedding and after some discussions I agreed.  For us it wasn’t about having an over the top event or a fancy soiree, we wanted a public affirmation of our love and commitment and that’s exactly what we created.

We decided 6 weeks before the wedding we were just going to plan it quickly and just do it.  So despite jaw dropping reactions and warnings from everyone that we could never pull it off, we moved ahead with our plans.  Was it tough to get everything together that quickly?  Yes, but we worked hard and worked together to create this wonderful event.  Forrest and I did everything ourselves without a wedding planner.  We enjoyed every minute of it and it gave a real sense of accomplishment as he began our wedding, that we can do anything together. 

My favorite details of the wedding?  By far the dress, the flowers, the photographer and the ceremony. lf1387.jpglf0899.jpg

All photos by Nhan Photography

The Dress:  It turned out beautifully but wasn’t finished until the day before the wedding!  My seamstress Azam and her workers made my dress from a picture I saw on the internet.  The dress is pretty tight so I had to give up donuts for a couple of weeks before the big day but it was worth it!  

The flowers:  The flowers were just MAGNIFICENT!  My friend and florist Nino (Flowers by Nino) created a dream garden at our ceremony and reception.  Words could never do his art justice so just look at the pictures.  Since I was a little girl I have adored flowers, pretty much any kind.  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but Nino is mine for right now.  My bouquet was full of freshia, lilies, gardenias and mums…all of which are my favorite.  He’s an artist with flowers and me made the reception spectacular!  (I’ll make a slideshow with the reception pictures in the next couple days.)   

The ceremony:  Our dear friend and the Director of the Women’s Ministry at Lakewood, Jackie Garner conducted our service.  It was so meaningful to have her there and she knows us both so well.  My cousin Andrew read The Apostle’s Creed and his sister Jess read scriptures during the service.

The Photographer:  Nhan took our bridal portraits and our wedding pictures.  He’s fast, efficient and AMAZING!  Being in news I’ve worked with still photographers all over the place and he’s the best.  Our wedding portrait that’s hanging on our stairs right now and I squealed like Little Miss Sunshine when I saw it!  He took all the pictures in the slide show, I apologize that the quality isn’t better.  The program I used to create the slide-show reduces the resolution dramatically because of space issues so it’s hard to get the full feel of the photos.

There are always problems right?  The cake tasted amazing…well the parts that were done anyway.  We couldn’t figure out why it was so crooked, when we cut into it there were parts that weren’t done so it wasn’t supporting the rest of the cake properly.  We served what we could and no one was any the wiser. The audio during the ceremony was a little crazy!  The guy forgot to turn the minister’s mic off during communion.  Having a bride in the tv business probably makes audio guys a little nervous!  The cater was supposed to arrive at 9am to our house to begin setting up the food containers.  They didn’t get to the reception until 4:30 with the food!  I was a nervous wreck because of this, as I was leaving to go the wedding they were just arriving!  They got everything set up and what they served tasted wonderful. Thankfully, the owners of the company are now remedying the situation.

Everyone said everything was just perfect and flawless, no one noticed the mistakes but me!  It’s so disheartening because you spend so much time planning and so much money so you expect people to do their jobs. Forrest is very laid back and a “big picture” guy so he is excellent at helping me keep little problems in perspective. I am very detail oriented and want everything perfect…being a perfectionist at a wedding is virtually impossible I found!  I had to let go and just enjoy.  Everyone tells you there will be problems just to remain happy and calm through them.  The stress about 4 hours before the wedding was at a fever pitch level so Forrest took my cell phone from me and handled everything.  I was on the verge of screaming/crying/drinking/throwing things so he was such a dear to take over the last couple of hours.  We forgot the bouquets and got about half way to The Houstonian and had to go back home.  We went to the wedding in a Maserati so luckily that thing got us around pretty quickly!  No, it’s not ours but it sure was nice to have for those couple of hours!

Tradition: Forrest and I aren’t big on tradition so he saw me in my wedding dress before the ceremony.  He went to 90% of the fittings with me and helped me pick out all the beads and silk for the dress, there’s no one else I had rather have there.  We also had our bridal portraits taken the week before the wedding.  We went to the wedding together and we got ready for the wedding together.  We decided it’s about being together so we should enjoy every single minute and experience together.  In the end everything was beautiful and we had a blast.  I promise to have reception pictures up soon and then honeymoon pictures after that. We went to The Amalfi Coast in Italy, Monte Carlo and then to Paris.  It was magical and the pictures are fantastic so stay tuned!  One more thing, I have gotten several emails about when I will start using my new married last name on the air.  I have to admit I was shocked by this but I do think it would make a really interesting blog discussion.  I have been so busy lately with the wedding I haven’t been a good blogger.  Now that it’s over, I’ll have more time and typing is a nice break from writing thank you notes from the wedding! 


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  1. Dear Lauren:
    Since the very first day you and Owen took the morning news and midday, I try to watch them almost every day.
    You guys are so cool, awesome anchors, and when I watch you, is like watching a couple of good friends.
    Your pictures are just wonderful, you must be one of the most beautiful brides ever, you looked gorgeous. To bad for us, your fans…you are no longer single 🙂 (in the nicest way).
    God bless you and Forrest in this new chaptner in your lifes.

    So please keep on with the great work you guys!!!
    You rock the morning and midday news.

    Your friend

    Santiago Rios T., MD

  2. Lauren,

    I watch you and Owen every morning, you guys are totally awesome! My favorite news station in Houston!

    Your wedding photos are amazing, you are such a beautiful lady. Forrest must be the luckiest guy in the world! Congrats and best wishes for your future.
    Can’t wait for the reception/honeymoon pictures!


  3. Lauren,

    Thank you for sharing your and Forrest’s story. I really think you two make a wonderful couple. I have been a big fan of Channel 2 news and I enjoy watching you and Owen in the morning.

    As far as the name change thing. You do what you feel most comfortable. Personally, I think you should use Forest last name or he should use yours. Like you said, being together is being together and it doesn’t matter who’s name you use just both of you use the same last one.

    Again, I admire everything you guys do, keep it up, and thanks for starting our days off with such a great smile.


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