My reception

Photos by Nhan Photography

Here are the reception pictures.  Enjoy.

After reading my first blog entry about my wedding I got a call from my grandmother.  She pointed out I forgot to thank my mother for her hours and hours of hard work and God for the beautiful weather.  She’s right, my mother and grandmother spent 12 hours a day putting my wedding together for 7 days!  If I had paid someone to do all the work they did, I would have to sell my car!  So if you’re looking for someone to spray paint rusted iron furniture, wash hundreds of pieces of glassware, clean, provide food for the family every meal and run endless errands for you…call my mother Carol and grandmother Meme.  They are now skilled at wedding program making, with 150 of them under her belt, she’s clearly “eager” for my sister to get married.  She’s also beefed up her post party skills.  She and my grandmother re-washed and put up hundreds of pieces of now dirty glassware.  She dealt with audio problems at the wedding, took care of getting everything finished at the ceremony, brought decorations for the rehearsal dinner and remembered them when I forgot them!  I’m sure there are other tasks they completed that I’m forgetting but you get the gist…They were busy and I owe them many, many, many thank yous! 

The weather, oh the weather, it was the most perfect day I have ever seen.  Since the day we decided we were going to get married outside at The Houstonian, I had faith the weather would be perfect.  I thanked God for the perfect day weeks before the wedding because I just knew it was going to be just right!  It was 78, no humidity and zero wind.  You couldn’t find a cloud in the sky, that’s why my grandmother reminded me I forgot to thank God.  I guess the beautiful day was His wedding gift to Forrest and me!  We had so much faith it was going to be perfect outside we didn’t have a back up plan, never saw a need for one!  Yes, the lack of a back up plan worried my mom and grandmother.   

My Dad and my husband moved all of the furniture out of the downstairs and into the garage.  They then moved it all back in right after the wedding that night.  My dad put up party lights outside and was in charge of manning the dogs.  My family has a pack/herd/plethora of dogs and we don’t trust anyone but family to watch them.  My little guy Marley was part of the bevy of dogs camped out at my parent’s hotel. 

So Forrest and I are publicly thanking my mom, grandmother, dad and God for the fabulous wedding!  And no, my mom and grandmother aren’t available for hire. 



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  1. Just beautiful! Congrats to you and hubby!

  2. Congratulations! Hope you stay happy as you look in all the pictures!

  3. lauren. congrats on ur wedding!! i was lookin at ur slideshow and everything looks glamoured. ur dress, breathtaking and the reception looked stunning. i hope you and Mr. Roth have a blessed marriage and be happy everyday, no matter how you start your day with him.. cherish him and never let him go… have a bless day.

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