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Whatchu Talkin’ About Chavez?
June 8, 2008


From the Associated Press out of Caracas: “Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged Colombian rebels on Sunday to lay down their weapons, unilaterally free dozens of hostages and put an end to a decades-long armed struggle against Colombia’s government.”

Wait a minute?! History professors email me if I’ve got this wrong. We, us, U.S. back the Colombian Gov’t. Why would Chavez, who publicly taunts President Bush and apparently cant stand us, want the rebels to back down? Does he not need the rebels and their chaos anymore? Is a stable Colombia more valuable to him than an insurgency against an American-supported government? A few months ago, Chavez was moving tanks to the Colombian border after the Colombian military killed a rebel leader in Ecuador. Probably should’ve waited until he got back to Colombia. Anyway, now Chavez is asking the rebels to drop their weapons? What’s his logic this time? Regardless, the rebels aren’t putting down their weapons. Although recently, a few higher-ups in the insurgency essentially surrendered with immunity to start new lives.  Here’s one exampleand a little more perspective.  What do you think?