Protect your pets from thieves

It’s something most of take for granted, when we come home our little pet will be waiting there for us.

Recently a friend of a friend in Dallas got her apartment broken into and her little dog stolen.  Hearing her story broke my heart.  Her dog was stolen about a week before she was leaving to go to her own wedding!  She had to get married not knowing if little Kona was coming back or not.  Her Yorkshire Terrier still hasn’t been found. 

In the last five years more and more thieves are targeting pet stores taking “designer” dogs.  Little puppies that often sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Now apparently they’re also taking the little guys from homes too.

Many pet owners choose to use a microchip to hopefully locate a lost or stolen pet.  It’s not a foolproof and there are problems with that too.  Read here for more:

If you loose your pet the ASPCA has some advice for looking for your lost little guy:

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