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The MDA Telethon 2008
August 29, 2008

We are proud to once again be part of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.  On Labor Day, September 1st, something special happens on televisions all over the world.  The generosity of regular folks shines extraordinarily bright.  Each year, we raise money for research and hope to cure dozens of muscular dystrophies that impact the lives of so many families.  The bottom line is: these diseases make children weaker, when they should be getting stronger.  When you donate, the money pays for care, treatment, and research right here in Houston.  So please tune-in Sunday night, August 31st, and Monday, September 1st, to see some inspiring stories that will have you asking, “Why didn’t I get involved sooner?”  MDA is help, hope, and knowledge.  And it doesn’t happen without you.  Thank you.

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
August 29, 2008

The goal of any company’s branding is to implant their product in our heads, right? has succeeded.  One of our morning show production techs, Tim Hershbach, and I come to work most mornings singing those crazy songs (Tim, by the way, loves metal detecting — check out this site).  Apparently we listen to the same radio station and the commercials play at about the same time everyday.  Now, I’m not endorsing the service, since they make you since up for some credit watch program before giving you that free credit report.  Yeah, it’s a free trial membership, but still.  Plus, I just prefer Equifax to Experian.  But the commercials are still funny.

By the way – I’m not sure where I heard this but if you ever get a song stuck in your head sing the melody to Stan Getz’The Girl from Ipanema.”  But don’t sing the lyrics, because then you’ll get that song stuck in your head FOREVER!

The Cow & The Bear
August 28, 2008

Was it a friendship?  Or a confrontation?  Who knows.  But this is one-of-a-kind picture from the Associated Press out of Hygiene, CO.  Read the story and see more cute pics here.  There’s also a fun poll.

The Photog, The Pooch, & The Guitar
August 27, 2008

We got our hands on this rare music video featuring KPRC Local 2 Photojournalist Steve Long (on the other side of the camera for a change) and his dog Lucy.  Steve’s an awesome musician!  He plays multiple instruments.  His band, Easy Money, rocks the house every year in the Local 2 tent at the Rodeo and that’s probably the least of their accomplishments.  But anyway, here’s the duo singing “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?”

Forget the dead guy, what about my Bentley?
August 26, 2008

How about the nerve of this guy?  Harry Shasho killed a father in a hit-n-run accident three years ago.  He was drunk, by the way.  Now, he’s suing New YorkCity because his Bentley got damaged at the impound lot.  Seriously.  Unbelievable.