Edouard: “On My Way”

…and so are we. The newsroom was buzzing Monday morning over Edouard the storm.  I leave for 3 days last week and look what happens!  What a way to start the week.   Just be ready for it so we don’t have to do those stories, alright?

What’s the plan?  The morning show hits the air an hour-early at 4am Tuesday.  From there, who knows precisely. Storms can change their path, damage is often scattered, and there’s always the chance of flooding. But c’mon, KPRC Local 2 is known for our storm coverage and we adapt as needed. Remember Rita? We went three straight days as I recall of 24/7 coverage. But Edouard is one of those strange puppies — it could be a Tropical Storm, could be a Category 1 Hurricane. Either way, be ready for the wind and rain. Monday morning, right after the show at 7am, we saw Local 2 newsman Phil Archer and reporter Robert Arnold with their storm gear on. Looks like they’re heading to the coast to cover whatever happens. And they won’t be the only reporters and anchors covering the stories. Stay locked-in on TV and here online for updates. And we’ve got a nice interactive hurricane tracker here at Click2Houston.com.

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