By Far, One of England’s Loudest Bands

Who doesn’t love David St. Hubbins, named for the patron saint of quality footwear?!  The lovable Nigel Tufnel wasn’t a smart man or even particularly talented.  But what he lacked in math skills, he more than made up for with volume.  Example: “Stonehenge.”

Rob Reiner’sThis is Spinal Tap” is a delightful mockumentary about the lives of 80’s big-hair rock bands.  No matter how cool they might seem, some day they will be outdated and insignificant.  Remember Europe, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Poison, Scorpion, Jett.  Aside from Brett Michaels’ Rock of Love reality show, where are they now?  Who knows?  Perhaps rehab or headlining for a puppet show.  Spinal Tap is one of those cult classics, you either love it, hate it, or have never heard of it.

Here’s a story for you: When I lived in Florida, through a friend I met a former rock and roller from the 80s.  Without disclosing his identity, he was known for his tight leather pants, hair, and hits!  Yes, you would recognize many of his songs.  But over the years he became middle aged, divorced, overweight and felt useless.  One night he was crying to me about his life and I realized: No matter how cool you seem one decade, two decades later kids will probably laugh at you.  Style and fads change quickly and a society is not so friendly to has-beens!

With no further ado, the Top 10 lessons Spinal Tap taught us:

10) Aluminium foil is detectable by airport security.

9) Mime is money.

8) D Minor is the saddest of all keys and people weep instantly when they hear it.

7) Some crimes, like bizarre gardening accidents that kill drummers, are best left unsolved.

6) It’s Spinal Tap then puppet show.

5) On guitar amplifiers, 11 is one louder than 10.

4) Hundreds of years before the dawn of history, lived the Druids.

3) Crime scene investigators can’t dust for vomit.

2) Armadillos in your pants are quite frightening.

1) You know where you stand in a hell hole.

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