Footprints to a Scandal

Since Zhang Yimou’s spectacular vision came to life in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, the haters have come out of the woodwork accusing NBC of faking part of the “LIVE” production.  The first criticism came from the UK’s Daily Mail.  We saw it on the Drudge Report. The headline read: “Giant footprint fireworks in Beijing Olympics opening ceremony ‘faked’.”  Nonsense.  It was clear to us and anyone who watched that the footprint fireworks were a combination of high-definition video and computer graphics.  Hosts Matt Lauer and Bob Costas eloquently made it clear.  That’s not the only criticism.  Apparently, on the West coast feed, NBC added a “LIVE” graphic when, indeed, the broadcast was delayed.  We don’t know if that’s true, because we’re in the Central Time Zone.  But NBC responds to the criticsms in this article, complete with the accusations and someone’s opinionated analysis.

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