Audio Activates Athletes (Alliterration, Ooooooh)

It’s no surprise, music gets a lot of athletes “in the zone.”  Have you noticed the abundance of iPods in those warm-up pictures in Beijing?  When I was a kid, most players on the team bus wouldn’t travel without their Walkman or Discman.  Music can inspire, motivate, and thrust an athlete into a state of focus and concentration, preparing them for whatever task lies ahead.  For real.

For Michael Phelps, it’s mainly Hip Hop that gets him ready to swim.  The Today Show did a feature this morning on athletes and their music at the games.  And Phelps’ playlist in particular has been the subject of blogs like this one from ZDnet and a Yahoo! sports blog called the “Fourth Place Medal”.

As for your Olympic team: Lauren likes Lynyrd Skynyrd when she works out.  Fast-paced electronic-style like Fatboy Slim’s “Funk Soul Brother” gets Anthony in the zone.  For Jennifer, it’s Hip Hop or Pop.  Our Executive Producer Debbie listens to heavy metal as she exercises.  For me, it’s a mix of everything – Hip Hop, Pop, even some R&B.  But my favorite song when I’m lifting or need a boost to get over the hump, hands-down, is “Boom” by Royce Da 5’9″, produced by DJ PremierA side note: In the video, you’ll notice two famous faces: Houston’s Beyonce and Rapper/Actor Mos Def.  It’s inter-cut with shots from the experimental movie “Carmen: A Hip Hopera” from 2001.  Tick, tick, tick… Boom!!

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