Texas Designer

Last night I was at a fundraiser at Tootsie’s “Dress for Success.”  One of the vendors is a jewelry designer from Brazil, but lives and manufactures her work in San Antonio.  Claudia Labao was in the banking business in New York but knew that wasn’t her true calling.  Her passion was fashion.  She began selling her designs on a street in New York and Kate Hudson and some other stars began to by her creations.  With that buzz she started selling to stores all over the world.  She’s now in 700 stores around the globe.

Her designs are unusual and have a unique lace feel to them.  She found out I was a news anchor and gave me some of the earrings that Eva Longoria and the other Desperate Housewives love because they’re larger, but are light enough they’re quiet.  When you wear large earrings they’re often heavy and make noise when the different parts hit against each other — on television sensitive microphones pick up those noises!   Wow!  Now I have something else in common with Eva Longoria other than being a petite Texan married to a tall man!

Of course I had to wear my new necklace and earrings this morning on the air.  Tomorrow (Friday) I’m wearing the Claudia’s longer necklace and the “Eva” earrings!

I always appreciate meeting nice people who have found success doing what they love.  Claudia had a big dream is capitalizing on it now.

Here’s her website:


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