Undacova, Undercover

He’s our one-of-a-kind morning show Floor Director/Production Tech, Cory Goodman a.k.a. Undacova.  How he got his nickname is unimportant and a long story.  But his new jacket?  Now that’s a story worth telling.  He was in some store in the Sharpstown Mall, saw it on clearance (just 20 bucks), then came in the studio looking like a bad ninja-gangster, already dressed in a fashionable body bag coat.  Now, we share this fun with you.  Click the pic for more shots…


2 Responses

  1. Undercova is a weird individual

  2. OH MY! WOW
    Just because it’s on sale does not mean it should be bought. LOL! Men! I bet there’s a mad gansta out there! LMBO!

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