Blogging After Ike

If you have power, an online distraction from the Ike clean-up might be nice.  Check out some of our older blog posts for a good laugh.  We recommend…

Our Production Tech Cory “Undacova” Goodman’s hilarious coat.
The Usain Bolt Parody after his record-breaking sprints in Beijing.
The Top 10 lessons we’ve learned from the cult-classic film “This is Spinal Tap.”
The chimp who takes a gun from a zoo-keeper who’s trying to tranquilize the critter.
Jimmy Kimmel’s drunk news skit — imagine the possibilities at Local 2!
Joel McHale from The Soup on E! Network calling out Ann Curry on her incessant use of the salutation “Good Morning.”

Anyway… we’ll start regular updates again soon.  We promise.  We just need to get through this Ike stuff first.  You could say we’ve been preoccupied.  Not to mention so many folks (me included) don’t have power which means no internet access anyway.

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