Venezuela and Russia Get Cozy… Again.

Chavez & Putin in Moscow (9/25/08)

It’s easy to forget foreign policy issues when we’re recovering from a storm, and trying to recover from this financial crisis.  So here’s your reminder: Russia and Venezuela spent a little quality time this week in Moscow.  Fresh off his trip to China, Venezuelan Prez Hugo Chavez and the former Russian Prez Vladimir Putin had a photo-op yesterday (Chavez is supposed to meet with the current Russian Prez Dmitri Medvedev today).  Russia might offer Venezuela help developing nuclear power.  Recently, Venezuela let Russia perform military exercises within its boundaries.  Venezuela has purchased billions in Russian arms in the last few years.  So, we’ve got two U.S. rivals working together more than ever.  It’s not a crucial development in world affairs, just a reminder of the global power struggle that’s underway.

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