Behind the Scenes: Coffee

When our Director Rusty Knight has his coffee, nothing else matters…

Rusty Knight, Director

 …including giving no direction to our Technical Director Jeremy Staible…

Jeremy Staible, Technical Director

…which is beyond me, because the coffee’s not that good anyway.

Weak Watered Down Folgers, MMMmmm


2 Responses

  1. What Owen doesn’t tell you is that behind the plastic Folgers’ container, that he planted, is a coffee bean grinder.
    We have ground coffee from freshly ground beans for our control room coffee. Owen also fails to tell you that he always comes in and robs the pot before it is finished.

  2. I think the coffee we have at our radio station is worse. It’s probably one of THE grossest things you’ve ever had. Dana Tyson and I call it “swamp water”. But you get by with what you have to….

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