Bailout: Socialism or Something Else?

If you’ve been paying attention to the editorial coverage of the Washington bailout of Wall St., you’ve heard some folks compare the plan to socializing our economy.  If you ask a lead Socialist in our country, that’s not even close to being true.  He says, in this Wall St. Journal article, that it’s Capitalism saving it’s own hide.  Seth Dellinger, a Socialist Workers Party candidate for Congress, says, “They can reorganize capitalism in different ways, and they will.  But it is above all with a view toward continuing a system in which a small minority of super-rich families controls everything.”

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  1. Lauren and Owen I watch you guys every morning befor work I think your team is the best. I received an email from GOP asking me to voleenteer this is how I replyed.
    Before I sign up there is one thing I would love to know. Why is john voting to bail out corp-america and not the middle class? the middle class doesn’t need to bail out Fannie Mac and Fannie may or the the banks who stole the homes from 1000 s of Americans. Many people believe that these mortgage holders had foreclosed on these people to get these homes that had 20 or 30% equity in them and them turn around and resell at a profit. well surprise to many home on the market and now there stuck with them.

    The problem as a lot of people (familles under 100,000 a year) see it is the rising cost of oil has hurt every one the cost of electric tripled the cost of food has doubled the cost of gas doubled the cost of buying anything has gone up because of fuel prices going up and wages staying the same. When people cant buy food for their family how do expect them to pay their mortgage. And then Washington wonders why these people are losing there homes. WAKE UP The Saudis cut production to raise the price of oil. The gas companies raise the price of gas, anything that is trucked now costs more and everyone jumps on the band wagon and raises their prices The only problem is there is no room left.

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