A Bridge to Somewhere

Have you heard of Bill Addington of Sierra Blanca, TX?  The rancher owns a rickety little wooden bridge on his ranch that crosses the Rio Grande to Mexico.  Suffice to say, Homeland Security is not happy.  But, as the Wall St. Journal reports, Addington “proudly flouts the law.”  Since 9/11, the government has shut down most of these private crossings.  They think Addington’s is the last one.

 Addington says he’s preserving history, not some illegal pipeline for immigrants.  Years ago, he says, Mexican workers would cross the river to work his dad’s cotton fields.  As for Homeland Security: “They say it’s a new era, but their vision of the border is a place of fear and trouble,” he says. “We just don’t see it that way. This is our home.”

Read the full article here.

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