Will The Real Maverick Please Stand Up?

The McCain-Palin pitch: “We’re mavericks.”  Basically, they say they do what’s right, not what’s popular.  But to call them “Mavericks” is a sin without acknowledging the real mavericks who came before them (or after McCain at least because he’s kinda old).

James Garner was the original TV Maverick.

Mel Gibson was “Maverick.”

Tom Cruise was “Maverick.” 

And let’s not forget (Texas history buffs know) the original mavericks Sam Maverick & Sam Maverick (not a typo), as Houston Chronicle writer Rick Casey reminded us last month.

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  1. Hey I am picking the president by my tire count. I put an O and a M on top and bottom of each tire. I fliped a coin to see who got Front and back drivers side tire Starting October 4Th. At the end of each day I ck to see who’s on top and they get the tally mark for that tire. Every day I take a video of our results. At the end of this past week Oct 4th – Oct 11 Obama -18 McCain 13

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