Being home sick…

…stinks, frankly. A day off is no fun when you can’t swallow your meal without wincing. And by meal, I mean chicken broth and hot tea with honey for the umpteenth time. That’s in between the salt-water gargling and shots of NyQuil. Yummy. I decided to take a couple unoffensive snapshots of what it’s like at home. I went to the doc Wednesday afternoon and she swabbed my throat for Strep A. Negative. So they’re doing a second culture and blood test for who knows what else. I don’t mean to complain, ’cause there’s always someone who has it worse. But it’s a little uncomfortable when even your hair folicles hurt. For those of you also home sick, bored, and reading this post: I feel for you. For everyone else: don’t catch this thing. It’s nasty.


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  1. I’ll be in town this weekend. Maybe I’ll swing by and make you some chicken noodle soup. Wait. That won’t work. I don’t cook. I AM a great microwaver, though. I could whip you up a lil’ somethin’ I like to call Campbell’s. Oh…..and I do also bake. How’s about some chocolate chip cookies? Feel better, Conflenti. I’m sure that, like me, the city of Houston is missin’ your mug.

  2. Not actually living in Houston, I was wondering what the prognosis for the Conflenti man was… Has the little yellow taxi cup finally gotten a break?

  3. Ya know, I was wondering where you went…you usually help me and my kiddos get going in the morning. Better that your at home, getting better. Wouldn’t want Lauren getting sick!!!

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