Iraq Pullout: Moot Point?

Wouldn’t it be crazy if all the debating we had over if/when to pull our troops from Iraq was rendered a humongous waste of time?  It might be.  On the last day of this year, the United Nations doctrine that allowed our troops to jump into Iraq will expire.  If that happened, our brave men and women would either have to hunker down on Iraqi bases and do nothing, or come home.  I don’t think either option will actually happen, but it’s an interesting story.  Here’s what’s on the table: Iraqi leaders have to convince their parliament to keep us around.  Or, they have to get the U.N. to extend the deal.  Or, we need our own deal with Iraq to postpone the debate until the next administration.  Amidst all the election coverage, this news item seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.  But it’s worth keeping an eye on.  It’ll be tough for Iraq to find a solution that all Iraqis approve, specifically the hard-line clerics and their supporters.  But a U.N. Security Council vote to extend the mission is no shoe-in with China and Russia having a say.  If we’re forced to leave, at least we’d save $10 billion a month, which would help balance the budget.

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