Switch the Bait

So you tuned in last Friday and we looked like this…


…then woke up Monday to find we pulled the old ‘Bait and Switch.’


Obviously we switched chairs.  Not just us, but every anchor team at Local 2.  Why?  Because the boss likes it boy-girl-boy when the weather dudes are at the desk.  Alternating that way also works when Jennifer’s at the desk with us.  But what does that say about the sports guys?


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  1. Thanks for the explanation, OC. I was thinking that Lauren needed easier access to the bathroom during breaks (assuming it was on that side). Frankly, I prefer the other arrangement. The rapport you have with Anthony is a great one – especially when sharing stories outside the realm of news and weather. It seems more “personal” when the two of you are side-by-side. I’ll keep watching you and missing my favorite guys from a distance, though – no matter what side of the tube you’re on.

  2. I myself prefer the other seating arrangement as well. It looks rather awkward kind of like seeing someone with their shoes on backwards. Nevertheless, you guys are amazing! It’s the highlight of my day; watching and listening to you guys each and every morning. What a way to start the day! It’s funny because when one of you (owen, lauren or anthony) is not there, it’s just not the same. The chemistry you all have is awesome!

  3. Thank you for explaining! It is driving me crazy- may take a while to get used to. Like the previous person, I also thought it was a bathroom access issue. We appreciate your work during Ike and I won’t forget listening to you all on the radio trying to get any information.

  4. WOW! Lauren’s tummy grew over the weekend according to the pictures. Ha Ha 🙂

    I like the way it was before- It looks better to me when the man is on the left- they should have switched the way the other anchors sit…………

  5. Oh, so that explains what happened!
    The boss likes boy-girl-boy girl?
    Are you sure?
    I saw him flipping a coin in his office the other day, and that could be how he made the decision.
    Seriously, I didn’t get the memo, but I’m glad there is a reason my favorite morning anchors are playing musical chairs.

    Mary “2 on the Beat” Benton

  6. I like it the other way, boys against the girls kinda. A previous comment got it…. Owen and Anthony have a good banter back and forth and with Lauren in the middle it seem awkward. If viewer opinion counts put mine with the other way.
    Love to watch you guys!
    Thanks, Andrea

  7. I guess we will all get used to it – no choice, really. It does look backwards like Veronica said – like your shoes are on the wrong feet. Just about any picture/portrait you look at, men are on the left (facing you) and women are on the right. I think the boss is the only one that noticed the boy-girl-boy thing. Did he teach elementary school in a previous life?
    You all are a great way to start the day. I have watched Ch 2 every morning for years – through many anchors and combinations. You all are definitely one of the best! Thanks for getting me going every morning!

  8. My second comment: Yup. The dude needs to go on the left. Is management reading our responses? (If not, then these postings should be pointed out to them. I’ve never seen more comments on your blog than on this issue). All the women sending in notes like the seating arrangement the other way around. The “weight” of the guy should be on the other side of the picture. Owen belongs on the left – the pairing seems stronger. Besides, we all know, that in the “big picture of life”, a woman is always “right”!

  9. Aaaacckkk!! What was The Boss thinking?! I thought my kids had finally managed a universal “backwards” day! Joke’s over, tho- time to switch back. Frankly, that just goes for the morning team- who cares about the rest of ’em?! I just like starting the day with these folks.
    By the way- why weren’t any of you allowed to attend the Ron Stone Tribute dinner? Past your bedtime? I gotta tell ya’- the evening crew were really hammering you…..

  10. Do you really think they would switch places so Lauren could be 3 feet closer to the bathroom? Haha! It is a little odd, but its not like they got plastic surgery, they are just sitting on different sides…. geez. I am a night owl so I rarely get to see the morning crew. But when I get to catch them at 11:00 the whole gang keeps me laughing. You make it easier to digest the awful news in our crazy world!

  11. Ok, now y’all are back to your old spots. What is going on??

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