Biggest Local 2 Loser

We’ve got four losers working behind the scenes on the morning show.  I mean that in the nicest way!  For real, they’re in a weight-loss competition like NBC’s Biggest Loser, just without the celebrities, cameras, and production value.  The goal is lose 10% of their body weight by December 16th.  Each put $20 in a pot.  Winner gets $80.  And I’ve got a $10 side bet that Tim beats Cory, which is looking like most of my bets in life.  Anyway, we started on November 4th.  Today is the Week 4 weigh-in!  I’m the official statistician and here are our 4 contestants:

Tim “The Detector” Herschbach

Weight on 11/4/08: 290.2 lbs.

Weight on 11/25/08: 282 lbs.

Weight on 12/2/08: 280.8 lbs.

Goal: 261.2 lbs.





Cory “Undacova” Goodman

Weight on 11/4/08: 202.8 lbs.

Weight on 11/25/08: 190.8 lbs.

Weight on 12/2/08: 191.2 lbs.

Goal: 182.5 lbs.





Kevin “Breakfast Taco” Manuel

Weight on 11/4/08: 241.6 lbs.

Weight on 11/25/08: n/a

Weight on 12/2/08: 239.0 lbs

Goal: 217.4 lbs.





Eugene “Mixmaster” Smith

Weight on 11/4/08: 233.6 lbs.

Weight on 11/25/08: 228.4 lbs.

Weight on 12/2/08: 225.0 lbs.

Goal: 210.3 lbs.


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  1. ahhahaahah put ten on Tim 🙂 cuties all

  2. This is hilarious. Thanks for the pics. Wait. What’s that I hear playing in the background? “Eye of the Tiger”? You’ve done yourselves proud, boys. I’m impressed, but I thought that Conflenti was the biggest loser. Ha, ha. Keep us posted on the final results!

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