Time’s a Tickin’ Claus!


Can you imagine if Santa ran out of time Christmas night?  Think about it.  I’m not suggesting children act naughty.  But the more kids that get on the ‘nice’ list, the less time Santa will have to deliver gifts.  This year could be the tightest schedule yet.  What will he do?  Take the little tikes to “Santa’s Magic Timepiece” at the Lakeview Auditorium in Sugar Land and you’ll find out (the theater’s a story in and of itself).  Timepiece is an original story by local author Ann Richie of the UpStage Theatre group.  The youngest kids will love it and parents will feel nostalgic.  I laughed out loud too.  And the kids become part of the show.  It’s old school like that.

Let’s be honest: the big productions get all the press and attention, while community theatres, actors, and artists get lost in the shuffle.  But they’re the ones who work their tails off to bring the arts to our community without the big league budgets.  Go see Timepiece.  It’s runs weekend afternoons through December 21st.  Get the kids out of the house and give them a new story to tell.

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