The Best Used Gift Ever


What do you do with a box of old cell phones?  Sell them for cash of course!  Then buy calling cards and send them to our troops so they can call their families.  It’s an especially nice gesture during the holidays.  Two kids in Massachusetts have collected the phones since 2004 through their non-profit Cell Phones for Soliders.  Today, they’re still going strong, hoping to collect about 600,000 phones this year alone.  That would equal about 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for our men and women serving around the world.  That’s a lot of talk time!  There are thousands of drop-off sites around the country — find one here.  It’s tax deductible.  And you can find out more information at the website.  By the way, in the coming years the group wants to buy video chat time so our troops can see and hear their families.  Gotta love technology.


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