Flashback: “Hello My Ragtime Gal!”

Sticking with our “They don’t make ’em like they used to” theme, here’s the classic Looney Tunes character¬†Michigan J. Frog singing “The Michigan Rag.”


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  1. Say Owen! I doubt you’ll get this before the program ends,But I thought I rub it in a little! I’m a huge fan of the old cartoons,I was raised up on all of them,Including “Mighty Mouse!” lol When it comes to Tom&Jerry,Bugs & friends,And the lot,…I’ve pretty much have evrything you’d ever want to see in regards to Bugs,Daffy,Tom&Jerry!!! Have a good one,And y’all keep up the good work! Happy New Years,And congrats to Lauen and Hubby!

  2. Thank you for making my morning! My husband and I own all the classic Bugs DVDs and play them for our boys to show them how great Saturday mornings used to be. Now, just add a nice Droopy one (like the one where he’s the deputy and the bad guy,the wolf, can’t make any noise) and you’ll have posted the cartoon tri-fecta!

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