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Girl Scouts Cookies & The Peanut Butter Recall
February 26, 2009


During our business segment this morning, I posed the question: “Is the salmonella scare hurting sales of Girl Scouts cookies?” I never suggested the cookies were unsafe or contaminated.  They’re not.  We didn’t have the answer about sales at that time, so I did some quick research. A few minutes later I reported that the Girl Scouts organization admits sales are down, but doesn’t believe it’s because of the salmonella scare because their ingredients weren’t produced by the factory at the center of the outbreak. The Scouts believe sales are down solely because of the economy. But there are other stories reporting the salmonella scare has affected sales, although there aren’t firm numbers proving it one way or another. So the most accurate answer is this: Sales are down. Why? Depends on who you ask. Some believe it’s the economy. Others believe it’s partly the salmonella scare. Perhaps it’s a mix of the two.  A few things are indisputable: cookie sales are down, the cookies are more expensive in some places, and the Girl Scouts need no less help this yearSo buy ’em if you can.

Mysterious Metal
February 26, 2009

UPDATE: Dallas Police say the metal came from a woodchipper.  How, exactly, is still a mystery.  But some of our viewers got it right, or at least close.  Read the updated sotry from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Original Post:

So, this big chunk of junk came crashing through someone’s roof in the Dallas area.  No one seems to know what it is.  What do you think?  See more pictures and read the full story here.


Marie: “No Cake for You”
February 26, 2009

stanton-welch_s-marieMs. Antoinette never said that famous line, “Let them eat cake,” in response to hearing the French people were suffering from a bread shortage in the late 1700’s. Lauren Freeman loves Marie’s story and swears by that assertion. Anyway, this week The Houston Ballet presents “Marie” by Stanton Welch.

Welch’s three-act narrative ballet was inspired by the life of the legendary French queen, Marie Antoinette, who was born an Austrian arch duchess in 1755, married the future French King Louis XVI at the age of fifteen, and was executed by guillotine at the height of the French Revolution in 1793. London-based Canadian designer Kandis Cook created the scenery and costumes for the production. Houston Ballet Music Director Ermanno Florio arranged the score, featuring music by Dmitri Shostakovich.

Houston Ballet showcases six performances at Wortham Theater Center in downtown Houston. They run from February 26th – March 8th.  For tickets, call 713 227-2787 or visit

Here’s an interesting article about the show from the Associated Press.

Morning News Poll: Trust
February 25, 2009


Bad Economy Hits Ex-Con
February 25, 2009

An unemployed man in Taiwan wants prison time… because he’s unemployed! The guy can’t afford to eat. Police aren’t putting him back in jail, but they did bring him a box lunch.  Click here for more on the story and why he spent time in prison before.