My Goodness Mamie!

We got a sweet note from Dianne Gibson who wanted us to wish her great-Aunt Mamie Price a Happy 105th Birthday!  Ms. Mamie was born February 2, 1904.  Gibson says, “[Mamie} currently lives in a nursing home in Crockett, but lived all her life in Redlands, just west of Centervillein Leon County.”  Mamie lost her twin sister 10 years ago, but apparently still has lots of loving family to share this special moment with.




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  1. This is a sweet, little story. Have a great day, Mamie! I hope your birthday is as special as you are to family and friends.

  2. Miss Mamie….sorry this is a day late but I am getting older and slower. You are one of really sweet persons I remember from my years at Centerville High School. I hope you continue to do well and wish you all the best.

    Love you….Bonnie

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