Cologero, All Grown Up


A Bronx Talethe movie was incredible, a classic in every sense of the word.  Chazz was larger than life as “Sonny,” the local mob boss.  But seeing the story play out on stagewas something special — a one-man show, with Chazz telling the tale from the perspective of “Cologero,” the young Italian kid who grew up to be Sonny’s right hand man.  As a fan of the movie, I couldn’t wait to see the play.  Chazz’s story-telling reminded me of my old man talking about the old days.  That familiarity alone made me fall in love with the performance.  But it captures a broader audience.  Even Yanez, who’s never spent a minute in the Bronx and has never seen the movie, left the theatre and went to join the mob.  Just kidding.  Yanez loved it!  And he gained valuable perspective, saying, “I now understand Owen so much better.”

The show only runs until Sunday Feb. 8.  Squeeze it in if you can.  You’ll thank me later.  Click here for tickets and more information.

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