Girl Scouts Cookies & The Peanut Butter Recall


During our business segment this morning, I posed the question: “Is the salmonella scare hurting sales of Girl Scouts cookies?” I never suggested the cookies were unsafe or contaminated.  They’re not.  We didn’t have the answer about sales at that time, so I did some quick research. A few minutes later I reported that the Girl Scouts organization admits sales are down, but doesn’t believe it’s because of the salmonella scare because their ingredients weren’t produced by the factory at the center of the outbreak. The Scouts believe sales are down solely because of the economy. But there are other stories reporting the salmonella scare has affected sales, although there aren’t firm numbers proving it one way or another. So the most accurate answer is this: Sales are down. Why? Depends on who you ask. Some believe it’s the economy. Others believe it’s partly the salmonella scare. Perhaps it’s a mix of the two.  A few things are indisputable: cookie sales are down, the cookies are more expensive in some places, and the Girl Scouts need no less help this yearSo buy ’em if you can.


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  1. I’ll be honest and say I will continue to buy peanut products as before. I refuse to let a few cases of salmonella affect my consumption of peanuts and I just pray they don’t find a problem with bacon…

  2. I’m with Bacon-Lovin’ Baytown Bert.

  3. I am not buying any more GS cookies, not because of
    the peanut butter, but because most contain toxic high fructose corn syrup!

  4. Seriously, David? I haven’t heard of any warnings put out by the FDA on the toxicity of GS cookies. Besides, how can one pass up the big, puppy dog eyes of a cute, little kiddo selling one of America’s best known treats? Huh, Mister? Go with your heart, Big Guy! Help out your small neighborhood friends. You don’t have to eat the cookies per se – you could give them away as gifts – donate them to a homeless shelter – or send them to Owen Conflenti. I hear that despite his boyish good looks and model-like figure, the dude eats anything – toxic or not.

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