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UPDATE: Dallas Police say the metal came from a woodchipper.  How, exactly, is still a mystery.  But some of our viewers got it right, or at least close.  Read the updated sotry from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

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So, this big chunk of junk came crashing through someone’s roof in the Dallas area.  No one seems to know what it is.  What do you think?  See more pictures and read the full story here.



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  1. It’s part of the blade assembly on a wood chipper. Those things rotate so fast that they can launch the bits for a mile or more!

  2. This looks exactly like a worn tooth from a commercial tub grinder, like used to grind debris from a hurricane or green waste. Check area for a grinding operation.

  3. I posted this once but do not see it so please excuse the second post. But in the meantime Danny has the right answer. I looks like a worn tooth from a tub grinder or commercial grinder used to grind debris such as green waste or even some are used for hurricane debris. Check your local area and see if there is a mulching facility.

  4. Yep, a few years ago when I had a machine shop, a guy brought me the barrel of one of those things to mill out and repair some broken bolts on the hub. The teeth looked just like the one in that pic. I was amazed to see that most of the bolts holding the cutter were just “mild steel” bolts bought from the local hardware store, not even close to the proper grade and even more amazed to see that some of them even had the wrong size (diameter) and type of bolts! These guys don’t understand that a 12 pound block of steel can wiegh half a ton when spinning at those speeds! But the machine itself should be easy to find…it’s the one with the 6″ gaping hole blown though the shroud. lol

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