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Hello Tony!
March 31, 2009

Ever since the I saw this PowerShares financial commercial on CNBC, I’ve greeted Anthony Yanez by saying, “Hello Tony,” in the funny voice in the commercial.  I know — this is ridiculous.  But I just wanted everyone to have a frame a reference when I say it on air.  I could just shut my mouth but that wouldn’t be much fun… for me.


Owen & The Hammer
March 31, 2009

You might know lawyer Jim Adler, “The Texas Hammer,” from his energized commercials on Local 2.  Most days, he’s helping folks resolve personal injury cases.  But you probably didn’t know Adler is looking out for homeless children through a program called SEARCH.  Their latest event takes the kiddos on a shopping spree, as he told us this morning on Local 2 News.


Miss Texas USA at Local 2
March 25, 2009

Monday we had the pleasure of interviewing Brooke Daniels, Miss Texas USA 2009. She’s from Harris County (Tomball HS, holla!) and competing in the Miss USA pageant next month on NBC. Good luck!


Morning News Poll: Breakfast Meeting
March 23, 2009


Repulsive? Hilarious?
March 19, 2009

In an unprecedented move, Owen and I asked Joel Eisenbaum to be a guest blogger.  Until now only Owen and I have written anything on this blog, mostly Owen!  Since Joel is filling in for Owen this week on the morning show I thought it would be fun to have him write something and of course, he didn’t disappoint!  If you know Joel or watch him on the news, you know he’s got a funny quirky personality.

Here’s what Joel wrote:

If you find my appearance on the morning show somewhat repulsive… you’re not alone.

   A buddy just sent me this photo from our junior year in college… circa 1993.”  

Joel macking/dancing/getting rejected

Joel macking/dancing/getting rejected