Rodeo Round-up

Well…I don’t think we  got last place this year like we did last year but we didn’t win either!  I love The Reliant Rodeo Round-up because we get to compete to win money for a charity.  Once again I picked the YMCA.  We didn’t do very well so we didn’t win but we’re still up for the Tough Luck Award.  You can help us with that by voting starting March 9th.  We’ll get the link for you when you can start voting.  We won that last year and that means another $2,500 for the YMCA!
Clint Cannon, a real bull rider who will be competing at the end of this week, helped us rope.   He’s from Waller County and was a good teacher but not all of us were good students!  During the competition I tried to rope that thing several times and couldn’t do it.  I asked for the assistence of my trainer and we finally roped that silly thing!  
Learnin' to Rope

Learnin' to Rope

Watch the Pro Clint Cannon

Watch the Pro Clint Cannon




Rhodes’ first Rodeo.  He doesn’t like it YET!  He’s wearing his new boots that Owen got him!

Rhodes' first Rodeo...he doesn't like it yet!  He's wearing the new boots Owen got him!


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  1. How cute is that lil’ cowboy?

  2. First off Lauren congrats to you & your husband on the arrival of your future cowboy/doctor/journalist & heck why not President! Glad to have you back, your fill-in Courtney did a fine job. Luv them boots,good job Owen.
    Looking forward to voting for you but I know y’all have worthy & deserving causes.

  3. Great story on Clint Cannon. Clint is a Bareback Rider. Keep up the good work, Clint made great rides at the rodeo. Best of luck to Clint.

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