Repulsive? Hilarious?

In an unprecedented move, Owen and I asked Joel Eisenbaum to be a guest blogger.  Until now only Owen and I have written anything on this blog, mostly Owen!  Since Joel is filling in for Owen this week on the morning show I thought it would be fun to have him write something and of course, he didn’t disappoint!  If you know Joel or watch him on the news, you know he’s got a funny quirky personality.

Here’s what Joel wrote:

If you find my appearance on the morning show somewhat repulsive… you’re not alone.

   A buddy just sent me this photo from our junior year in college… circa 1993.”  

Joel macking/dancing/getting rejected

Joel macking/dancing/getting rejected


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  1. Oh my goodness! I know Anthony said it was funny but a little more warning should have been given. I am now cleaning up the coffee I just spit everywhere (including on my computer). Thanks!

  2. You’re right! We should have better warned everyone about one of the funniest photos in the history of photos!

  3. Is the girl in the photo saying “E-ewwww?” Sorry you were rejected, Babe. You’re lookin’ totally “hot” in this photo – and apparently, really knew how to get your dance moves on. Stay nutty, my friend!

  4. This is absolutely hysterical!!!

  5. Tee hee hee!!! Or, perhaps I should say Yikes! That was just too funny — really shows a unique personality shining through.

  6. WOJ Dude/Fill-in Anchor/TOTAL CHICK MAGNET.

    Hey…your dance moves remind me of Cindy Brady. She couldn’t keep her tongue in her mouth when cutting with scissors. Looks like you might have the same issue when cuttin’ the rug. Oh. Wait. Maybe you were trying to look sexy…

  7. Oh my… 😉 Joel thats hot lol 🙂

    And I think Owen is hot….. You got hime beat 🙂 But you look much better now LOL We all have those pics U are brave! 😉 Altho… we havent seen Owen in college years heehee 😉 Challenge owen? ok lol 😉

    besides, U look better now….

  8. Joel, I had no idea that I would be laughing so hard at this morning’s news this evening. Yes Joel, you are quite the ladies man. Play that funky music. Keep making me laugh Joel. Forever a fan…

  9. Do I get some kind of reward for saying that I’m pretty sure this is one of those guys Chris Hansen has featured on Dateline?

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