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It’s something you might not think about if you don’t have a child with autism but finding a house of worship with the ability to teach special needs student can be next to impossible.

 Recently Lakewood Church opened a first of it’s kind, state of the art space for kids with special needs.  The Champions Club is designed for children ages 4-12 and the classes focus on learning and development: mind, body and soul.

Lakewood's Champions Club

The concept was the brainchild of Pastor Craig Johnson, the Senior Director of Family Ministry.  As the parent of an autistic child, Craig recongnized the despair of families who can’t attend church because there is no where for their special needs child to go.  Now those parents can attend services while all of their children attend classes.  A team from Lakewood spent a year planning and building the new space.  

 Learning Tools from Champions Club


At the Champions Club there are 6-8 children per class and they rotate every 30 minutes.  More than 30 teachers work with about 100 students expected to enroll in the program.  There is a sensory room, fitness equipment, obstacle course and many other physical, sensory and spiritual learning tools. 



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  1. I must give credit where is due. Graceview Baptist Church in Tomball has a Special Needs Ministry that services over 200 children and adults that was started in 1995. The website for Graceview’s program website is I am not a member but have seen there program in action as a parent of an Autistic child.

  2. Hi Lauren, can you email my sister @ regarding your program. Do you sell a program so churches can teach in their own church?

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