Earth Day Design

Happy Earth Day!

If you’re trying to go green and you’re strapped for cash but wish you could change up your home decore…here are some ideas! 

It’s always fun to make little changes at your house.  Whether it’s moving around your furniture, painting an item you already have or dragging something out of the attic and using it again.  Here are some ways you can freshen up your home without buying anything (except maybe a candle wick or a tube of paint) and you may not even need to leave your house. 

Beautiful stemware:  It’s so easy to bring your lovely glasses down from the cabinet and use them to decorate.  They’re always perfect for holding candles.  Use wax from your old candles and create this.  Always rub the inside of the glass with a little olive oil before you pour wax into a good glass, this will make the candle come right out when you’re ready to use it as a glass again.  Your grandmother’s old china and silver and also perfect to use as accent pieces.


Candle holders:  It can get boring always putting candles in candle holders or in any item for that matter. 

Try natural items like sticks from your yard.  Drag out those old baskets too!

Or dried lavender

Feathers or moss (less than 5 bucks at the craft store)

Beads from an old necklace you never wear (below)


Other fun ideas:  Old Buttons, Fruit,  Wine corks

Ribbon from old gifts:  These decorative flowers would be cute anywhere.



Old tin items:  My husband used an old tin bn one to hold beer for occational parties but I brought it inside to keep our magazines in before we take them to get recycled.  Tin bins are always cute decorating tools and they can hold towels, t-shirts, toilet paper…

Candle holders:  After a candle burns out, clean the holder, throw it in the dishwasher and reuse it.  They’re often perfect for filling with candy, tiny cookies, or homemade chocolate sause (below) for a gift.   I recently saved one and filled it with a homemade coffee mix to give as a gift.   This one (below) makes a cute holder for jordan almonds.



This is my current big change project.  I’m redoing my chandelier.  I already gilded it (made it gold) and now I’m going to add some prisms and maybe change the lamp shades.  I like the change already and all it took was a 4 dollar tube of paint and a little work.  I got a second degree burn on my arm from the light bulbs but other than that it was easy.  Advice:  turn off the lamp when you’re working on it!   

These are just some ideas I had, if you have more please email them to us. 

Stay tuned.  I’m working on a story about new/old treasures!  I LOVE thrift shops and find the most delightful items with such personality and they are always very inexpensive.  Thrift shops making more sense than ever now that we’re all trying to help mother earth and to save money.


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  1. The comment on air at 11:36 a.m. about washing your car is your yard concerns me. Washing your own car anywhere on your property–the driveway or the yard — is bad for the environment. The soaps, detergents, and wax substances are washed into the drains that feed to the bayous and bay. If you wash at a car wash, the water may be recycled if at a full serve wash…and at an automatic or self serve wash–the water is filter an processed through the sewage system as it should be. You also use much more water when washing in your yard compared to the amount of water at a car wash.

  2. Love the Earth Day decorating ideas and pics, Lauren! Here are a couple of mine:

    Throughout the year, I recycle extra hotel toiletries by placing them in the guest bathrooms at home – little decorative baskets or containers are always nice for their display.

    During the holidays, I use artificial evergreens and recycle the same tree and bows every year. Changing the color theme is easy with some inexpensive ribbon. Noting your beautiful chandelier – artificial pine bows, ribbon and ornaments can add a bit of drama when draped around the base. Old, extra or special ornaments can also be placed in decorative bowls for a splash of holiday ambiance.

    Sorry to hear about your burn, but am glad there’s a doctor in the house! 🙂

  3. I love these ideas! Thank you! Happy belated Earth Day!

  4. Oops! Was going for “boughs” as in trees branches – not the “bows” you place on top of gifts or little girl’s heads – but I think you got my drift. Guess you can decorate with one or the other – or BOTH! 🙂

  5. No worries, we knew what you meant.

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