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Blasts from the Past!
May 29, 2009

Lawsuit Record-Holder Sues
May 28, 2009

The Guiness Book says he’s sued more people than anyone else ever.  So he’s suing them now!  Click here for the story.

Testing 1, 2
May 27, 2009

Testing the iPhone wordpress app.

Money-back Weather Guarantee!
May 26, 2009


So you book that island vacation, ready for fun in the sun, only to find out the day before you leave that the forecast calls for rain.  UGH!  Never fear, Barbados is here!  Check this out from the Barbados tourism folks:

The sun-drenched island of Barbados is so sure you will have the perfect weather during your stay, the island is willing to put money on the line.  The Barbados Perfect Weather Guarantee gives travelers cash back when the weather in Barbados isn’t ‘perfect.'”

It’s only for travel booked by June 7.  And you’ve gotta make the trip between May 28th and December 18th 2009.  Travelers get $100 for every day the weather falls below an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and accumulates more than a quarter-inch of rain.  Further, travelers booking a five-night stay or longer, will enjoy an instant credit of $200 per booking.

For more information visit,

Chuck Norris on Duty
May 25, 2009


If I’ve got this right, a Chuck Norris cutout poster is being used to scare crooks away from a store. That’s good

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